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Vision Nocturna/Night Shot

Eight years after being raped on a beach near Santiago, a young filmmaker arms a kaleidoscope with dozens of video diaries, showing the wounds of the abuse, the re-victimizing legal proceedings, and the friendship that accompanies it. In a voyage from which the question arises. What is a rape, really, and when does it end?

Available Online: Friday, December 11th – Thursday, November 17th
Director: Carolina Moscoso
Film Details: 2019, 80 minutes, color, sound, Spanish with English subtitles

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Director Carolina Moscoso will attend a live, virtual Q&A with the DocYard’s Curator, Abby Sun on Tuesday, December 15 at 4PM EST. Register to attend the Q&A HERE or watch on our Facebook page through Facebook Live. You can submit your questions ahead of time to docyard@lef-foundation.org!

World Premiere and Grand Prix of the International Comp winner at 2020 FIDMarseille. Official selection of the Camden International Film Festival, San Sebastián International Film Festival, Montreal International Documentary Film Festival, and Curitiba International Film Festival.

About Vision Nocturna/Night Shot:

This quietly furious and life-affirming debut from Chilean filmmaker Carolina Moscoso brilliantly carries the weight of deep personal trauma. Night Shot’s images of Moscoso’s quotidian video diaries and filmed experiments as a film student undergird a narrative of her rape from eight years ago, and the re-traumatizing and discriminatory practices of an uncaring legal system that does more to protect abusers than seek justice. These two parallel tracks diverge and converge in moving, poetic ways. It is clear that Moscoso has brilliantly found a singular, powerful way of telling her own story. She avoids the violent, domineering logics of investigations while never sanitizing the events, but also resists wallowing in salaciousness or imposing emotive catharsis. Instead, we see the raw stuff of life, celebrations of birthdays, the blossoming of new love, and, most importantly, the freedom and radical resistance of filmmaking.

The images and their diarist feel are heightened in repeated segments of Moscoso’s video experiments, which reflect on the mediating power of technology and man-made systems. It’s a deliberate comparison to the narrative threads of the aftereffects of rape, but not a deterministic or fatalistic one—out of the darkness of night vision shots, we see what is previously unseen, but differently, and more piercingly, than under daylight. When Moscoso is voiceless, she speaks to us as viewers in different ways. Along with a soundtrack (composed by Camila Moreno) comprised of Moscoso’s own vocalizations, this film reconfigures our relationship to silence, the authority of words and who is allowed to speak, and the unity of feeling. The act of watching this film is witnessing both a clarion call for the margins and a life-affirming formation of collective memory. (AS)

Carolina Moscoso Select Filmography
Night Shot (2019)