Date: Monday, December 15, 2014

Time: 7PM

Location: Brattle Theatre, Cambridge, MA

Details: 89 min, USA, 2014

Filmmaker(s): Amanda Rose Wilder

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Winner of the jury award for Emerging Cinematic Vision at the 2014 Camden International Film Festival

Filmmaker Amanda Rose Wilder will attend in person for Q&A moderated by Paul Turano, filmmaker and Assistant Professor of Visual and Media Arts at Emerson College . 

Synopsis:  Amanda Rose Wilder’s feature debut dives head first into the inaugural year of the Teddy McArdle Free School, where all classes are voluntary and rules are determined by vote – adults and children have an equal say. Wilder is there from the beginning, observing an indelible cast of outspoken young personalities as they form relationships, explore their surroundings and intensely debate rule violations, until it all comes to a head. Evoking the immersive styles of Frederick Wiseman and Allen King, here is a rare, inspired portrait of unfettered childhood.

“Riveting…This is social interaction in its purest form.”  A.V. Club

“Strikes a perfect balance between vérité immediacy and reflective abstraction.”  Indiewire

“With patience and a clear-eyed perspective, Approaching the Elephant goes beyond weighing the value of what’s known as “free schools” to consider how children develop and what role teachers have in shaping them.”  Paste Magazine