Fall 2021


Rosine Mbakam, An van. Dienderen, and Eléonore Yaméogo


A provocative, collaborative, and personal investigation into the inherent racism of film cameras and lens technology that is balanced for white skin tones
In person: November 29, 2021
Virtually: December 3-9, 2021
Runtime: 78 min
Brattle Theatre, The Brattlite
Jessica Beshir

Faya Dayi

Season Closer
Traveling to the DocYard after a remarkable run of festival prizes from its premiere at Sundance, the populist Full Frame, to more experimentally-minded showcases like Visions du Réel, Faya Dayi is an impeccably constructed community portrait filmed over many years by Jessica Beshir in her family’s home of Harar, Ethiopia.
In person: December 13, 2021
Runtime: 120 minutes
Brattle Theatre