Fall 2021


John Gianvito

New England Legacy

Featuring four films from John Gianvito
This season’s retrospective screenings spotlight the work of John Gianvito, whose films relentlessly interrogate the American imperial project across different sites with formal fluidity and humanist sensitivity.
In person: September 27, 2021
Virtually: September 27-October 3, 2021, October 1 - October 7, 2021
Brattle Theatre, The Brattlite
Payal Kapadia

A Night of Knowing Nothing

A series of love letters found in a cupboard at a film school, blossoming into a larger story about the life of university students more broadly, told with great urgency, especially once the film advances to the titular night.
In person: October 4, 2021
Runtime: 95 min
Brattle Theatre
Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh

Writing with Fire

This first-time feature from filmmakers Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh is a paean to local journalism in the age of digital pivots, featuring an ensemble cast of the all-women Dalit reporters of Khabar Lahariya newspaper.
In person: October 11, 2021
Runtime: 93 minutes
The Brattle
Courtney Stephens

Terra Femme

Live Voiceover Performance
Complicating notions of a liberatory “female gaze,” this archival essay film features wondrous amateur film travelogues recorded by women in the first half of the 20th century.
In person: November 1, 2021
Virtually: November 5-11, 2021
Runtime: 62 min
Brattle Theatre, The Brattlite
Wang Qiong

All About My Sisters

In her debut film, director Wang Qiong builds a riveting portrait of her family reckoning with the lasting impact of China’s one-child policy.
In person: November 10, 2021
Virtually: November 12 - November 18, 2021
Runtime: 175 min
Brattle Theatre, The Brattlite
Rosine Mbakam, An van. Dienderen, and Eléonore Yaméogo


A provocative, collaborative, and personal investigation into the inherent racism of film cameras and lens technology that is balanced for white skin tones
In person: November 29, 2021
Virtually: December 3-9, 2021
Runtime: 78 min
Brattle Theatre, The Brattlite