Date: March 11th at 7PM at the Brattle Theatre, Cambridge

Details: 89min, South Korea, 2011. In Korean with English subtitles. New England Premiere.

Filmmaker: Seung-Jun Yi

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Synopsis: Young-Chan comes from the Planet of Snail. Dwellers of this tiny planet are deaf and blind, and call themselves ‘snails’ because they rely only on their tactile senses, and communicating by touch. Young-Chan was not happy with the lethargic life on the planet. When Young-Chan came to Earth, there was nothing Earth offered him. Worse was that nobody understood his language. When he was desperate, an angel walked into his life. Soon-Ho is a woman who knows what loneliness is about and where Young-Chan’s deeply rooted pain comes from. She soon becomes an inseparable part of his life. She is a wife, a soul mate and a window and a bridge to the world for him.

Post-Screening Skype Q&A with Filmmaker Seung-Jun Yi

Awards: Best Documentary Feature (Antenna Film Festival 2012)
Best Documentary Feature (Silverdocs 2012)
Best International Documentary (Documenta Madrid 2012)
Best International Documentary (DocAviv 2012)
Best Documentary Feature (It’s All True Festival 2012)
Best Feature Length Documentary (IDFA 2011)
Unicef Award (EIDF), Audience Award (EIDF)


The screening of PLANET OF SNAIL will be preceded by INTO THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, a short film by Anna Frances Ewert. This documentary celebrates the uniqueness of childhood and the nonexistence of limits to a child’s imagination.