Date: April 8th at 7PM at the Brattle Theatre, Cambridge

Details: 89min, USA/France/Spain/Canada, 2012. New England Premiere.

Filmmaker: Jane Weiner

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Synopsis: Ricky Leacock was a cinematographer and director known for being one of the pioneers of cinema verite. In this intimate portrait of Ricky as teacher, artist, and man; filmmaker and former Leacock-student Jane Weiner mixes footage that she’s shot (over a period of 38 years) of encounters with Henri Langlois, Jean Rouch, Jonas Mekas, Ed Pincus, et al, with examples from Leacock’s cinematic adventures and never-before-seen segments from his personal film archives.

Filmmaker Jane Weiner in Attendance for a Post-Screening Q&A

The film will be preceded by a very special short by Ricky Leacock.


By Richard Leacock & Valerie Lalonde / 31 min / 1994

Synopsis: Shortly before th eopening of the “Chunnel” linking England and France, Leacock and Lalonde were commissioned by Arte, a then-new Franco-German television channel, to film at both ends of the underwater project. They produced a light-hearted portrait of the effects of the massive project on life and the local landscapes, both physical and psychological, a film about light and sound, about the expectations and fears engendered by immanent change, about dispossession and repossession, and about the unexpected connections between two vastly different cultures, which included but went far beyond cheaper beer and wine.

This film is a part of the new Documentary Educational Resources collection Richard Leacock & Valerie Lalonde: The Paris Years 1989 to 2009. DER is a generous sponsor of tonight’s event.