The Law in These Parts


The Boston Jewish Film Festival and The DocYard co-present:

Director Ra’anan Alexandrowicz

Sun, November 11, 6:00 p.m. Coolidge Corner Theatre

In person: Director Ra’anan Alexandrowicz

Discussion With Robb Moss, filmmaker immediately following screening

Israel, USA, Germany (2011)
101 Minutes


Victorious in the 1967 war, Isreal created a system of laws and special courts to administer the Palestinian territories. This weighty, cerebral documentary reflects on the legal system instituted in the territories by those Israelis who actually oversaw it – now-retired judges and military lawyers. Through probing interviews, they speak eloquently, and sometimes critically, of being charged with representing Israel’s interests in dealing with Palestinians. Award winner at Sundance and the Jerusalem Film Festival. 2012 Ophir (Israeli Oscar) nominee.

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