Date: Monday, September 12, 2016

Time: 8PM

Location: Brattle Theatre, Cambridge, MA

Director: Morgan Knibbe

Film Details: 74 min, 2016, The Netherlands, color, DCP

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Director Morgan Knibbe will attend in person.


The night is pitch-black, the sea stormy. Wild waves break on a little boat full of refugees, where a girl laments that she does not want to go to Europe. Suddenly an old man falls overboard. In vain he tries to grab the saving hands. Colored lightning flashes over a busy city seen from above. From that point on, the drowned man sees reality from another dimension. Unconventional and poetic in form, Those Who Feel the Fire Burning documents a serious social problem: the hopeless situation of the refugees who actually manage to make the crossing alive. The seeking soul of the old man hurries along the southern European border and dwells on the many disillusioned people, observing them calmly and up close. They would seem to be in limbo just like him, waiting on the edge of a presumed paradise. He sees people on the street chased away like dogs, follows an illegal worker and a drug-addicted mother and slips inside packed shelters. The voices of all these people blend together with his, creating a patchwork of loving memories, dreams and desires.

“Mesmerizing” (LA Times)

“An unusual, visceral perspective” (NY Times)

“Asks us to observe in ways previously unforeseen” (Indiewire)

“ Striking and provocative” (Screen Daily)

“A poetic boundary-blurrer” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Filmmaker Bio:

Morgan Knibbe graduated in 2012 at the Nederlands Film Academie. His short film SHIPWRECK was nominated for a European Film Award, received two Oscar-qualifying awards and won the Silver Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival. Morgan’s first feature-length documentary THOSE WHO FEEL THE FIRE BURNING was the Dutch submission for the Oscars in 2015. The film was nominated for first prize at IDFA 2015 and won two Dutch Academy Awards; one for Best Documentary and one for Best Sound Design. Overall, both films received over 30 international awards. Morgan was responsible for the cinematography on both Those Who Feel the Fire Burning and Shipwreck. Currently, Morgan is working on his debut narrative feature film: AMERICAN HIBAKUSHA. The film tells the story of an Atomic Soldier who, in 1957, takes part in the largest atmospheric nuclear test ever conducted on American soil, at the height of the cold war. The script is based on real-life events and is currently in a research and development phase.


Prior to this feature film, The DocYard will present the short film BETHLEHEM STEEL, directed by local filmmaker Jesse Epstein and edited by Tim Raycroft.

Bethlehem Steel was once a thriving force of American Industrial progress. Workers at “The Steel” forged most of the New York City skyline – including the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings. In addition to the Golden Gate Bridge and armaments for WWII. The plant was recently demolished to make way for the Sands Casino (owned by Sheldon Adelson). Starting in 1997, a group of artists who share a mission and obsession, have been collaborating and sneaking into the abandoned plant to explore & document before much of it was lost to redevelopment and time. A combination of Super 8, 16mm, video and stills, this short film is part of a larger project.