Rintu Thomas

The image is a portait of filmmaker Rintu Thomas. She is an Indian woman with dark hair, and sunglasses on top of her head. She is smiling brightly at the camera as she sits at a table with a white coffee cop sitting in front of her.
Photo credit : Black Ticket Films

Rintu Thomas is an award-winning director-producer from India and co-founder of Black Ticket Films, an agency that has been recognized for its unique visual language. Rintu’s work is supported by the Sundance Institute, Chicken & Egg Pictures, IDFA, SFF Film Fund, Doc Society, Tribeca Institute, Finnish Film Foundation, and Bertha Foundation, among others. Over the last 10 years, her shorts have ranged from themes of environment and public health to women’s rights and resilience of local communities towards climate change. Her notable multiple award-winning shorts are Dilli (2010) and Timbaktu (2012). Rintu’s films have traveled to film festivals across the world, are being used as advocacy tools for social impact, included in the curriculum of universities, and exhibited globally, including at the United Nations Climate Change Conference and The Lincoln Center for Performing Arts – becoming catalysts for new conversations. Rintu is a Sundance Skoll Stories of Change Fellow, a South Asia Fellow with the Japan Foundation, and a recipient of the President’s Medal (2012), the highest recognition given to filmmakers in India. In 2017, she was chosen as an Adobe Young Lantern, an award that honors creative leaders of tomorrow who are shaping the industry with their artistic vision.

Rintu lives between New Delhi and the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. She loves bookshops, dogs, and seashores.

Selected Works

  • Writing with Fire
  • Timbaktu
  • Dilli

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