Sushmit Ghosh

The image is a portrait of filmmaker Sushmit Ghosh. He is an Indian man wearing a Black shirt with orange and pink stripes. He is smiling brightly at the camera and is wearing glasses.
Photo credit : Black Ticket Films

Sushmit Ghosh is a national award-winning director-cinematographer from India whose work has been supported by the Sundance Institute, Chicken & Egg Pictures, Tribeca Institute, Doc Society, SFF Film Fund, IDFA, The Bertha Foundation, Sorfond and the Finnish Film Foundation, among others. Sushmit is also a Sundance Fellow, who enjoys producing films that have the power to create transformative social impact. In 2009, he co-founded Black Ticket Films, a production company invested in the power of non-fiction storytelling. With a strong eye on social justice stories, Black Ticket Films’ award-winning slate of films are being used as advocacy, impact and education tools by institutions across the world. Sushmit has also served on the jury of the National Awards in India and he enjoys teaching cinema as a guest faculty at various universities.

In his spare time, you’ll find him motorcycling and hiking through the Himalayas.

Selected Works

  • Writing with Fire
  • Timbaktu
  • Dilli
  • The Miracle Water Village

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